About Us

NE&WS Inc launched in the early 1990’s by a European engineer, Edward K. Nowakowski. Edward’s experience and passion for design inspired him to create a stairs and railings design manufacturing company. The success of wooden products and the increasing demand for combination of metal-wood stairs and railing system expanded NE&WS Inc to provide ornamental metal fabrication. Utilizing a full spectrum of materials along with innovative processes in manufacturing woodwork and metalwork created a demand for our products, and brought our company to the forefront of the marketplace.

With over 30 years of experience and a supportive team of selected European engineers, technicians and craftsmen, Edward K. Nowakowski developed a leading-edge stair and railing building technology. NE&WS Inc is uniquely capable of manufacturing a large variety of custom built stairs and railing projects for private and commercial estates. Through the years, our company has mastered proficiency in offering the best quality products and service, gaining the trust of architects, contractors and homeowners.

We utilize the advances of modern technology and combine it with traditional fabrication methods used in the Old World. The process starts with precision laser measuring equipment, the latest version of Auto Cad to visualize customers’ needs, and large format digital plotters for transferring the virtual product to paper media. The next step involves using the highest quality bending and shaping machinery, plasma cutters, air and water cooled TIG welders, custom design wood cutting band saws, and original techniques for twisted handrails production. Technological advancement ensures that our products are geometrically exact and to specification. Our team of craftsmen specializes  in old fashioned hand metal forging and wood carving and hand made details. Using an advanced measurement system, CAD Software, and high–tech machinery our products precisely fit installation requirements and exceedingly meet customer’s expectations.